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By admin in Information on January 22, 2017

There is no cure, but endometriosis treatment can improve pain and fertility.

The treatment options include surgery and medication.

Women with endometriosis are treated primarily with surgery but drugs can also be used, particularly in those about to undergo in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

The usual surgery is the removal of the growths without damaging the reproductive organs.

An alternative is radical surgery which is a hysterectomy. It involves the removal of the uterus and cervix.

Medication options include hormone therapy, pain medication and hormonal contraceptives.

A healthy diet and elimination of foods that aggravate the symptoms can help to reduce estrogen levels, normalize hormonal levels and stabilize emotions.



By admin in Information on January 22, 2017

The four main stages or types of endometriosis are:

Subtle: Subtle types look like a small sac or cyst, ranging from 1 to 3mm in size.

They are not serious, but can look like ovarian cancer.

Typical: These appear as black spots over a white fibrous area and vary in size from 1 to 2cm in diameter.

They are found around the pelvis and/or diaphragm.

Cystic Ovarian: This stage involves cysts bigger than 4 to 5cm, growing as large as 15cm, and covering the ovary.

They may form adhesions with the wall of the pelvis or other organs in the pelvis.

Deep: In this stage, solid tumors of up to 5 or 6cm in diameter are mostly found in the space between the back wall of the uterus and the rectum.